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Whitewright Tigers 2016 football preview


Whitewright Tigers 2016 football preview

Starters Returning: 5/7 (O/D). 2015: 3-7

When the 2015 playoffs rolled around, the Whitewright Tigers were left on the outside looking in.

"I really want to go," Senior OL/LB  John Hill said. "I know every one else here wants to go as well. I think that will bring us together toward that one single goal."

The feeling of being left out is something they don't want to feel again in 2016.

"It gives us a lot of motivation," Senior LB/TE Braden Ritchie said. "We've worked harder this year than we have any other year."

The last time Whitewright made the playoffs was 2013, when the 18 now-seniors were just freshman. 

"It would mean a lot," Ritchie said. "It's all about playoffs here, and that's all Whitewright used to be. We want to bring it back."

The Tigers believe their experience and depth all around gives them an edge in games that come down to the wire.

"You can practice all you want, but it's the Friday night reps that count," Whitewright head coach Joe Williams said. "I think from their sophomore year, and last year, they got a ton of reps. Going into this year, like i said, they play four quarter games. We were competitive in a lot of games, which i think is huge."

There is still work left to do before the tigers can start marking off their season goals.

"The coaches work us as hard as they can," Ritchie said. "They know our potential, and we know our potential.

"(We just need to) get better every day," Williams said. "We aren't going to get consumed with our opponents or talking playoffs. It's changing our day-to-day approach. Improving the effort level and technique is our foundation right now. That's what we are focused on."