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Mysterious Booms - Part 1


SOUTHERN OKLAHOMA-    For several years now, people across Southern Oklahoma have reported hearing loud mysterious booms, while there are countless theories about where the noises are coming from.  

So far no one has been able to prove anything.

And as it turns out, people in several parts of the country and even around the world say they've heard similar explosive sounds.

Texomans are ready to get to the bottom of this mystery. 

"You'll just be sitting there minding your own business and then the doors will rattle, the walls will shake, there's this really loud boom, it's even popped open my screen door when it wasn't latched," Ardmore Resident Donna Barnes said.

 "Not even a bang, like a bomb went off."

Barnes is just one of hundreds of people in the Texoma area who claim they've heard mysterious booms coming from the sky… or the ground. 

They've been described as everything from unusually loud sonic blasts to unexpected thunder or the earth's plates… 

"I'd like some answers and I'm sure other people do too," Michael Hooker said. 

Local Geologists feel they know what's behind the mystery…

"They sound like sonic booms to me, when I was growing up in East Central Kansas  they were real common back then back then they flew really low and sometimes they shattered peoples windows and when you hear them they come from the sky and not from the ground," Chuck Price, Geologist at Ardmore Production and Exploration said. 

They say there hasn't been seismic activity at the times the booms are heard and they aren't being caused from fracking… they say that local air bases may be flying a little to low during practice runs,  but people who live in the area, aren't convinced. 

"It sounded like it was a sonic boom, but then there was no jet noise, it reminded me of when the ground war started in Desert Storm when the big guns started, it was like boof, like that," Hooker said. 

And while everyone has different theories… they all agree on one thing. 

"I really don't know and that's the disturbing part is that nobody knows," Barnes said. 

"I really have no idea, it's just kind of weird that no one can give any answers as far as what it is," Hooker said. 

Make sure to tune in Wednesday night we will have a second part to this series explaining past research and what investigators have ruled out so far.