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Jermaine Gresham gives back to Ardmore Athletics


(ARDMORE, OK) - The Ardmore boys and girls basketball teams will look a little different next year.  And this time, it's more than just a roster change.

"It was unbelievable... when I was contacted about him helping us out, and to the degree he was going to help us out is amazing," said Mark Wilson, Ardmore basketball coach. 

The 'he' is two-time pro-bowler and former Ardmore standout, Jermaine Gresham. In 2013, Gresham donated thirty thousand dollars to the Ardmore football program for new jerseys. This time, it's a thirty-four thousand dollar donation that will be spread between football, as well as boys and girls basketball.

"It made our kids feel really important and like someone was thinking of them, too. For him to do that was special and made our kids feel special," said Debra Manly, Ardmore girls basketball coach. 

The donation went to supply these Nike warm-ups, bags and all the gear a basketball player could want. Ardmore will also be getting these three uniforms that Gresham designed himself.

"They are always excited about new uniforms. When those come in they'll be excited about that too," Wilson said.

For football, the donation brought in one-hundred thirty-three practice shorts and shirts and just in time for two-a-days.

"We modeled it around the other day and they thought it was pretty cool," Josh Newby, Ardmore head football coach. 

And with the education budget cuts, the donations couldn't have come at a better time.

"This would probably take us five or six years of our budget to catch up with what he has done for us," reiterated Manley.

"That's the way it is everywhere at every school. to come into that kind of money is something special," said Wilson. 

"He hasn't forgotten where he came from. He still has a heart for Ardmore.and we definitely love Jermaine too," said Newby.