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Two Families in Whitesboro Without a Home After Garage Catches Fire

WHITESBORO, TX -- Two families in Whitesboro are without a home after their garage caught fire.  

The fire started a little past noon on Sunday. The Grayson County Fire Marshal's office said firefighters fought the flames for nearly two hours. 

Julian Dodson had just pulled in to his home at the intersection of Wilson and Main St. to enjoy a smoke, when something caught his eye across the street. 

"I had noticed some commotion and so I looked back from my rear view mirror and saw the garage on fire," said Dodson. 

That garage belonged to neighbor Chance Dodd and his family of four, including Dodd's two babies.  

"We had been home just quick enough to use the restroom, and started making the kids lunch, and here comes the neighbors," said Dodd. 

Dodson ran across the street to alert Dodd and his elderly neighbor, who lives next door in their duplex unit that their garage was being engulfed in flames.  

"Grabbed the kids, got out of the house, and watched it burn," said Dodd. 

Dodd said the fire started when his Ford minivan sparked and caught fire under the hood. Everyone made it out safely, unharmed. He even rescued his other vehicle, just in the nick of time.  

"I just figured one car exploding was better than two, that was my philosophy, and I needed something to drive," said Dodd. 

Dodson tried to help fight his neighbors flames with a water hose, but by then the fire was just too big to stop. Three fire departments and Whitesboro police were on scene to battle the fire.  

"I got everybody out of my house, because the flames came all the way up to my gate," said Dodson. 

Dodd is just thankful no one was injured, knowing his situation could have been a lot worse, a reality his wife sensed strongly.  

"She was just shook up by the fact that she had just gotten out of the car, and the possibility we could have been in the car scared her," said Dodd. 

Dodd said he doesn't have rental insurance, but he has to place to stay thanks to his family members and help from a local church

"You don't think about it, you don't think oh my house is the one that catches fire in one out of hundred, but it happened and we're just going to pick up and move on," said Dodd. 

Local technicians said there are several factors as to why a car can catch fire under the hood. The number one preventitive step is to take your car in for routine maintenance, and to tape up any loose wires with electrical tape.