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Grayson Co. roads washed out as severe weather threat continues

GRAYSON COUNTY -- At least a dozen roads in Grayson County are shut down because of heavy rain Thursday night, and even more is expected in the next couple days.

"It's going right now. Look it's falling in!" a KTEN viewer said in cell phone video. Loy Lake Road was caving in before his eyes.

Within a few hours, an entire chunk of the road was washed away.

"This is bad," TAPS bus driver Janet Fuller said. Fuller says she typically takes the route at least twice a day. She wanted to see up close why she can't get through.

"Destruction," she said. "It's going to take a lot to fix this up and people live right up here. I don't know how they're going to get in and out."

For now they'll have to take a different way. So will people who live on Trail Road in Grayson County where swift runoff from Thursday's rain also ate away soil beneath the asphalt.

"Just a loud crack we heard right before bed," Julie Kreil said.

When Kreil walked outside Friday morning, she found a large tree laying across Hunt Street in Sherman. One lane will be closed off until road crews can repair the corner that was crushed.

In Grayson County, there are more than a dozen roads shut down because of the rains including Scarbrough Road north of Whitesboro. It is completely washed out and it happens to be the same road area where lightning struck several oil tanks Thursday night.

No one was injured in the fire.

In an email, the Texas Railroad Commission said, "
The Railroad Commission's Wichita Falls District Office was notified of a lightning strike resulting in a fire at a well and tank battery. There was a loss of crude oil and saltwater. The operator, Silver Creed Oil and Gas, is responsible for cleanup efforts which began today. The Commission will continue to monitor those efforts to ensure all activities are done in compliance with all Commission rules. It is the highest priority of the Commission to protect public safety and our natural resources."

Friday, the site was still smouldering as crews began cleaning up the mess.

The City of Denison worked Friday evening to secure a water supply line exposed in the hole in Loy Lake Road.

Crews say the road should take a few days to fix but that there needs to be no rain for the work to get done.


From Precinct 4:
Scarborough Road east of 377 CLOSED

From Precinct 3:
Jordan Creek Road CLOSED
County Road 226 CLOSED
Horse Shoe Road CLOSED
Spalding Road North OPEN
Spring Creek Road CLOSED
Hog Creek Road CLOSED
Riley Road OPEN
Range Creek Road CLOSED
Graham Grove Road OPEN
David Road OPEN
Precinct Road OPEN
Martinek Road OPEN
Hog Town Road OPEN
Little Elm Road CLOSED
Hunter Road CLOSED