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Sherman Man Pleads Guilty After 3-Year-Old Gets Sexually-Transmitted Disease

SHERMAN, TX -- A Sherman man is headed to prison after prosecutors say he gave a 3-year-old a sexually transmitted disease.

In his plea, the suspect got almost the max a jury could have given. A prosecutor telling me it's similar to ebola in that there's different ways to transmit it, and it may have been spread by fluid on the man's hands.

"We had experts lined up to testify. In fact, we were flying witnesses in from as far away as Utah," says assistant district attorney Brett Smith.

Then on Friday, before his jury trial was set to begin, Juan Negron, 42, pleaded guilty -- but not to indecency.

Instead, he admitted to a higher, first-degree felony -- injury to a child -- in exchange for an 18-year prison sentence.

"That was 2 years less than the maximum he could have received on the indecency charge," says Smith.

Other pending charges will be dismissed, and Negron won't have to register as a sex offender, court-appointed defense attorney Joey Fritts said.

That is even though the state says a 3-year-old he had access to suddenly wound up with an STD.

Prosecutors say the parents took the little girl to Wilson N. Jones and she's been able to make a full recovery.

But in part because she's so young, they still have some questions about exactly what happened.

"We're not actually sure what happened. The victim was 3 years old and did not make an outcry in this case. We knew that Mr. Negron had a sexually-transmitted disease. We knew that the child ended up with that sexually-transmitted disease."

"He hadn't been here that long and you never saw him around," says former neighbor Juanita Crafton.

Crafton remembers seeing Negron a few times before hearing he'd been evicted from his Sherman Housing Authority apartment on N. Montgomery.

"He sat that evening with her and we talked and he just seemed like nice guy," says Crafton.

"Went over to his house maybe one time when a friend had the birthday party and that was it," says former neighbor Willie Queen.

Neighbors say Negron kept to himself, but did allow his apartment to be used for an adult's birthday party once.

Now they can't believe he's headed to prison.

"They shouldn't let people that done that live around these apartments anyway," says former neighbor Sarah Riley.

"You wouldn't never think he'd be that kind of person," says Queen. "That's sad."

The DA's office says this all happened 2 years ago, and they did not want to identify the exact disease to help protect the victim. Negron's set to be eligible for parole in 9 years.