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New Learning Center Opens In Sherman

SHERMAN, TX -- Kids in Texoma who may have difficulty keeping up with their classmates in school now have a place to go and catch up on skill's they're falling behind on.

Wednesday morning the learning center 'Learning RX' held it's grand opening ceremony and ribbon cutting for it's Sherman location. 

Learning RX was created  by parents who had kids struggling in school.  They developed a brain exercise program to get the kids minds thinking differently.  

"And I was just so frustrated, and a friend told me about Learning RX, and so my kids have been tested, and then they have gone through the program, and they're doing amazing on their progress reports this year we're getting a's and b's and so they're so excited," said Jill Sheppard, Executive Director.

Learning RX isn't just for kids though.  Adults who feel they may be slipping with their memory can also come and try out the brain exercises too. 

To find out more information visit their website