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NCTC Softball Team Bus Involved in Fatal Collision in Murray County

MURRAY COUNTY, OK -- A bus carrying a local softball team traveling back to Gainesville was involved in a fatal collision with at least one semi-truck in Murray County late Friday evening, leaving four dead and another dozen injured.

According to first responders, the accident happened just before 9:30 PM at mile marker 47 in the southbound lanes on I-35. The southbound lanes continued to be shut down late Friday.

North Central Texas College officials confirmed Friday night via their Facebook page that their softball team was on the bus. They were on their way home from a game against Southern Nazarene University. Crews on scene confirmed to KTEN late Friday that the number of fatalities had risen to four with still more than a dozen injured.

KTEN's Alex Belser spoke to a Good Samaritan who says he tried to rescue people inside and outside the bus, but a police officer asked to speak to the man before we were able to get his name. Here is what he told us:

"We weren't able, we weren't able to get her back!" he said.

This man, who says he just got certified in CPR about 2 weeks ago, Was in tears after he says he tried in vain to save a girl on this flipped NCTC bus.

"There was a girl that was, she was in her seat, and the bus came on top of her, the bus fell on top of her head. And when I got into the bus, she had a pulse for about 2 or 3 minutes, and we were trying to use a jack to get the bus up," he said.

"Before we could get the bus jacked up enough to get her out, we lost the pulse."

After losing hold of that victim, he said he then went out of the bus and turned his attention to someone on the ground.

"A lady sitting next to her that said her breathing was real shallow and so we started trtying to perform CPR on her and we could never get her revived," the witness said.

The crash shut down the southbound lanes of I-35, leaving many drivers waiting and wondering what was going on, while emergency personnel tended to the victims.

"Young ladies that had bandages on their heads," says Linda Hitt of Chandler, OK.

"Just a whole bunch of police and sheriffs and ambulances and helicopters," says Patrick Hitt of Blanchard, OK.

"I've seen three helicopters. I saw 2 land for sure," says driver Christopher Dapprich of Wichita, KS.

Helicopter after helicopter seemed to be taking off with those injured, about an hour following the crash near Davis around 9 p.m., as one family waiting to get through hoped for the best.

"I've been saying prayers for 'em. We saw them bring one gentleman out of the trees over here," says Linda Hitt.

"Hope everybody that can be okay is okay," says Patrick Hitt.

Meantime, a Good Samaritan tries to process something he says he already knows he'll never forget.

"They were still trying to get people out of the escape hatch," he said. "I heard the guy say that, 'Someone's trapped in the bus!'"

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DAVIS, Okla. (AP) - Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials say four members of a college women's softball team have been killed and at least 15 others injured after a North Central Texas College bus collided with a semi-truck.
Capt. Ronnie Hampton says the collision happened about 9 p.m. on Interstate 35, south of Turner Falls.
Hampton says three women died at the scene and another died at a hospital. It's not immediately known how many people were on the bus.
Posts on the North Central Texas College Facebook page requests prayers and say the school will release a statement later Saturday.
Southern Nazarene University sports information director David Noblett tells The Oklahoman that North Central was scrimmaging SNU earlier Friday
Authorities say the bus was returning to Gainseville, Texas. The crash remains under investigation.