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"Absolutely a true success" Lake Texoma Brings in Crowds Despite Level Concerns

DENISON, TX -- The end of summer is finally upon us. Labor Day usually means water-related fun out on Lake Texoma is wrapping up.

Looking back to the beginning of the summer, the Army Corps of Engineers say they were worried because of the growing concern over low lake levels and the impact it may have on lake attendance.

"Right now we're five foot," said BJ Parkey, with the Army Corps of Engineers. "Five and a half feet is low for this time of year."

Low lake levels have been a concern for Texomans all summer long. That concern meant potentially seeing less people out on the lake.

"Even though we are low and we have been for the most of this summer," said Parkey, "it really has not deterred a lot of the visitation."

"We came Memorial Day, July Fourth and now Labor Day," said Everett Reynolds, a camper from Van Alstyne.

And frequent campers say they've seen the water level rise through out the summer months.

"Came up a little bit every holiday," said Reynolds. "Its gradually come up three feet. It's been nice."

With full campsites, high boating traffic and crowded beach areas, Parkey says its been another great summer out on Lake Texoma. And for the most part, people were safe.

"Unfortunately one statistic we keep are our drowning's," he said, "and on average we have anywhere from four to five drowning's per year. And this year, we got three. Obviously we don't want any."

More shallow areas meant new safety hazards for swimmers. Parkey continues to urge everyone to wear a life jacket, be capable of treading water and know where you are before jumping in.

"You're swimming in a designated swimming area," he said, "and typically what designated means is that has been cleared of any type of hazards, whether it be under water tree stumps or some type of hazard has been cleared."

Monday was the day for most campers and boaters to pack up and make the trip back home. But for some, the summer isn't over just yet.

"We'll stay until Wednesday this week," said Reynolds. "Everyone pretty well leaves on Labor Day. We'll have a couple of days where there will be very few campers here. We like that. It will be quiet."

And when fun in the water slows down that means fall activities are kicking in. The main one being hunting. We're in bird season now, as Oklahoma kicked off dove season Monday. For the most up to date hunting regulations for Texas and Oklahoma, you can call the Army Corps of Engineers Office at  (903) 465-4990.