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Whitesboro homeowner cuts gas line while trying to fix water leak

WHITESBORO -- A gas leak had some Whitesboro neighbors on edge Friday morning.

Students had to be kept off a playground at a school on College and Otis Streets while Atmos Energy crews worked to repair the gas line.

Neighbors weren't evacuated but watched with concerns about what might happen next.

"It's really chaos with just seeing all this happening here in this neighborhood," neighbor Al Lopez said.

"I heard all the hissing sounds and I went down there. I smelt gas," neighbor Ryan Drake said.

Homeowner Mack Gerald says he accidentally cut the small rubber line when he was trying to repair a water leak in his front yard.

"I was cleaning out that hole and it looked like a root was running down there and just took post hole diggers and went to cut that root out and it wasn't a root. It was a gas line," Gerald said.

Texas law requires anyone planning to dig to call 811 beforehand to make sure it's safe. Information about the law can be found at Texas811.org.

Gerald says he did not make the call first and could now face a hefty repair bill from the gas company.

He says it's a lesson learned the hard way. "From now on I'll call the gas company even if I dig a hole that deep," Gerald said.

No one was hurt and the road was reopened after about a hour.