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Former Chief In Court, As New Healdton Leaders Get To Work

CARTER COUNTY, OK -- A former police chief for the city of Healdton appeared in court Thursday morning, while two new city leaders begin working together to bring about some changes.

Former Healdton police chief Jarrod Barnes appeared in court Thursday morning on a charge of feloniously pointing a firearm.

Barnes was fired from the position in May. Then in early June, the district attorney's office charged him with allegedly pointed his service weapon at a police department employee.

Judge Thomas Baldwin bound the case over for trial with an arraignment scheduled for Barnes in late September.

He declined to comment as he left the courtroom.

Meanwhile a couple of key city positions that were left open in Healdton have now been filled as the calendar gets ready to flip to September.

"Well it's been a very big learning experience for me I must say," said Chief Shannon Davis.

Shannon Davis, a former Carter County sheriff's deputy with 23 years of law enforcement experience under his belt, is adjusting to his position as Healdton police chief.

"We're making steps," said Davis. "But they're small and it's going to take a while for the whole community to see that."

Herb Collier, Healdton's newest city manager, has hit the ground running.

"This stuff that's around here in town didn't happen overnight," said Collier. "And it's not going to get fixed overnight.

Healdton's new city manager and chief of police have been reporting for duty for about a month now. Both say they hope to continue to build relationships with the surrounding community in the coming months.

Collier says a lack of communication has been what's plagued the city managers office.

"I'll meet with anybody I can there's a lot to juggle and folks want to be heard," said Collier.

Both Collier and Davis say with continued small steps, Healdton should see big improvements in the coming months.

"As far as longevity we'll see," said Collier. "I ain't making no guarantees, I'm going to do the best I can and hopefully everything will go smooth".

Davis says the community has already responded positively to increased patrols by the department's three police officers.

The new chief hopes to add another full time officer by next summer.