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"Native Voices" Exhibit Opens in Sulphur, Gov. Anoatubby Speaks

SULPHUR, OK--Thanks to the efforts of the Chickasaw Nation, a Texoma town is now home to a traveling health exhibit. KTEN spoke with Gov. Bill Anoatubby Tuesday about what the display means to the tribe and state.  

"Of course within the Chickasaw Nation health is highly valued," said Gov. Anoatubby.

The Governor and other officials from the Chickasaw Nation and the National Library of Medicine met Tuesday afternoon at the Artesian Hotel in Sulphur for the grand opening of "Native Voices"--a traveling exhibit on the health of Native Americans.

"People will be educated on how Native Americans view health in their communities, and will  have a better understanding of the American Indian and Native American in this country," said Anoatubby.

The exhibit uses visual displays and recorded interviews to examine concepts of health and medicine among American Indians, Alaska natives and native Hawaiians.

Dr. Judy Goforth Parker--secretary of health for the Chickasaw Nation--said: "It's a good way to tell a story. Many of our traditions were passed down through stories, so it brings that to life."

Dr. Donald Lindberg--director of the National Library of Medicine and creator of the project--said native healthcare was an important issue to address.

"Some parts of the public are really underserved," said Lindberg. "And I found that native peoples--Indians, native Hawaiians, native Alaskans--are definitely underserved, and we learn that they have much to teach us. This show represents our attempt to pay back."

Gov. Anoatubby urges those in the area to take advantage of the local display before it moves on.

"They have spent a great deal of time and effort to put together a wonderful opportunity for people to view Native American health all across this great nation of ours," he said.

For anyone interested in visiting "Native Voices,"the exhibit will run through October 24 in the Artesian Gallery. Admission is free.