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2014 Team Preview: Healdton Bulldogs

 HEALDTON, OK --- The Healdton Bulldogs are looking to make some changes in 2014, starting with their uniforms.

"We want to do something a little different, kind of start a new tradition around here. The helmets before have been blue or white and we went to a flat black this year. We're just trying to get our own identity in this area. The kids love it, a lot of the fans love it. It's a new year, a new attitude and a new look for us this year," Healdton head coach Mark Barrett said.

The Bulldogs are coming off back-to-back 5-win seasons. They made the playoffs in 2012 but missed out in 2013. This season they're ready for another postseason appearance.

"We just feel like this is our year. I knew when I came down here, the third year could be very very promising. The kids have been working hard this year, working hard in the offseason and we just feel like it's our time," Barrett said.

"We're starving. We want it more this year. All of us are working out harder, pushing each other. Even the seniors are pushing the freshman to be stronger than us, better than us. We're ready, we're ready for the playoffs," Healdton senior quarterback Caleb Pickelsimer said.

With 16 starters returning in 2014; the Bulldogs feel like this is the year to show southeastern Oklahoma what Healdton football is all about.

"We've been getting pounded for the last few years as freshmen and now seniors. I just think this year is our time. It feels good to be one of the returning starters  and everything...it gives us a big time advantage," Pickelsimer said.

"We feel like this is really our time to shine in this area . With some hard work and staying healthy, I believe we can make a run this year," Barrett said.