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2014 Team Preview: Fox Foxes

 FOX, OK --- The Fox Foxes are taking the trip from Class B to Class C in 2014. With their enrollment, the Foxes are considered a bubble team, so the drop in class didn't come as a surprise.

"Some people want to make a big deal out of it. I'll tell you what, there's people that want to play football in both those classes, there's people that are great in both those classes. You've got to be good and gotta execute no matter what or who you're playing or what class they're in in order to win," Fox head coach Brent Phelps said.

Winning is something the Foxes are used to. They've made the playoffs the past four years and made a state semifinals appearance in 2012. With this drop in class, the road to the playoffs in 2014 might not even be bumpy.

we have a chance to be really successful this year. Class B top to bottom, Class B is a little more competitive but that does not mean it's a tougher class. We look at our district in Class C, it's not going to be as tough, the whole district as there won't be as many tough games as last year in Class B," Phelps said.

When it comes to winning a gold ball, the Foxes have come close but haven't reached that ultimate goal. This year they plan to change that.

"We work hard for it. In Class B we worked hard for it. Go to Class C and win it . We've worked hard enough, I'd just like to win it and go out like that," Fox senior wide receiver Aaron Johnson said.

The Foxes kick off their season on September 5 against Tipton.