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Ada Police Make 35 Driving Stops This Weekend, 17 Arrests

ADA, OK--An annual safe driving campaign that targets drunk drivers ended its second weekend last night. For one Texoma police department, this past weekend was busy.

You've seen the commercials for the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign." It's a nationwide effort to crack down on impaired driving, and a program most Texoma police departments have joined.

Captain Jason Potter said: "It's very important to keep the people out on the streets safe. So that's the main reason we do it."

The campaign's second weekend came to a close Sunday night. In three days, Ada police say they made 35 stops in Pontotoc County alone. Seventeen of those were arrests--a number Potter says needs to go down.

"It's high," he said. "It's way too high."

Of the 17 arrests, six were for driving under the influence, nine were for driving under suspension and two were for public intoxication. The remaining 18 citations were for drivers not wearing their seatbelts.

Captain Potter says many of the stops were made through the safety checks they set up across town, and that activity almost always picks up at night.

"It usually starts picking up right around 10 o'clock," said Potter. "People are starting to go to the bars, and then it picks back up around 2 A.M."

The Ada PD wants to emphasize it doesn't punish people for drinking, but for the poor decisions that come after having one too many.

"Please, please utilize your designated driver," he said. "If you have too many that's not a bad thing, just make sure you don't get behind the wheel and drive."

The campaign will run through Labor Day, and this is the fifth year the Ada Police Department has participated. The Pontotoc County Sheriff's Office and Lighthorse Police are also part of the program.