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Texoma seniors go back to school for one-day college

DENISON -- Students across Texoma head back to school this month. Friday, so did a group of seniors.

Senior citizens, that is.

"It is unique," student Mary Jo Tonelli said. "I'm surprised we haven't done this before though but our community likes to serve our seniors and this is a really good way to do it."

Dozens of students age 60 and up filled classrooms for a one-day college experience at Grayson College.

It kicks off a program designed for Texoma seniors who want to experience school all over again, minus the homework and exams.

"What I like about this is I can listen and not have to worry about what the exam is going to be like," Tonelli said.

Students sat through a variety of courses covering topics like biology, art, religion and history.

Professor Chase Machen says teaching to a more mature audience is a welcomed change of pace.

"Students are very reserved because they don't know what's really going on. They're unsure of themselves but with this group, a lot of questions, a lot of interaction so it's a nice break of pace," Machen said.

Kate Corder organized the event at the Center for Workplace Learning on-campus.

She says the classes are a taste of what seniors can expect from courses being offered to specifically to their age group this semester.

"They're short courses so you're not out here for several months at a time," Corder said. "They'll come out here for a lecture series for one day a week for several weeks."

Corder says she feels the classes fill an "enormous" need for an under-served senior population with activities to keep the body strong and the mind stronger.

"I think it'll explode from here and will continue to grow and we hope to see the classes in the fall fill up as well," Corder said.

The new courses fall under the TEAM program, which stands for Texoma's Educationally Active Mature Seniors.

Classes begin in September.