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Jury In Hugo Rape Trial Hears Recordings Of Angry Wife And Police Interviews

HUGO, OK -- It's Day Two in the rape trial for Hugo gymnastics teacher Sandro Ramos. Today, prosecutors used Ramos's own words against him, playing hours of jailhouse phone calls and police interviews.

The jury heard at least 7 recordings from 2 sources this afternoon with different stories, from "I think she's obsessed with me" and "her feet touched my shoulder" to "it happened" and "how long does somebody go to jail for this?"

623 text messages. That's how many OSBI agent Sonny Stewart testified Sandro Ramos, 40, and the 12-year-old gymnastics student sent to one another last August and September alone.

A translator took the stand inside a Hugo courtroom to help narrate three increasingly tense jailhouse phone calls that Ramos made to his wife.

They including comments such as those translated as "I know it's my fault" and "I committed a stupidity, the biggest one of my life."

His wife asking on the recordings, "A 12 year old can make you feel special, something your wife couldn't?"

Ramos answering, "What happened is that she was sexy, she was sexy. And it came to my attention, and she just caught my attention big time."

The defense questioned the translation only of those couple lines, but the translator maintained it was accurate.

At the end of the day, jurors heard three interviews --one of them with video -- that Ramos had with Stewart starting in late September.

In the first, Ramos's wife bursts in -- after Stewart said she'd found texting records on her i-Pad -- saying many texts were sent after she goes to sleep, and asking for the car keys.

Stewart told the jury 313 of the texts in those 2 months were sent from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

In the second interview, Ramos says he used to text a lot with his wife and that "when I started texting with this little girl, I was remembering how it used to be with my wife... it got out of control."

In the interview where he's arrested, he admits to sex and answers yes to the question of whether he used a condom.

Ramos also gives permission to take a cheek swab and search his home in the 2600 block of E 2087 Rd. or Fowler Ln., where neighbors say they never saw anything strange.

"I actually never heard anything except what was written in the papers," says John Hadley.

The Hugo Gymnastics & More gym, inside a leased building in the 1700 block of E. Kirk, is still open.  A neighbor told me the father of Ramos's wife stepped in to help the place stay afloat.

"They were just constantly taking mats in there, you know, soft mats," says Dudley Hamilton. "Probably lost 80 percent. ...There'd be cars parked like those two plum down to this corner and against that curb and then over on this side."

At one point, Ramos told Stewart that he didn't mind losing the gym, but he did not want to lose his family. The defense is expected to start their case later this week.