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Ada Native Blake Shelton To Put Water Tower On New Country Album Cover

ADA, OK -- A Texoma town is about to make the big time, or at least, its water tower will. A country singer revealed today that he's featuring the Pontotoc County landmark on the front of his new album.

The album by Blake Shelton is called "Bringing Back the Sunshine" and it has rays of sunlight coming through the clouds. We asked residents what they think about all this.

Many people in Ada have a story about Blake. "I've met Blake shelton before at Cash Saver," says Dwight Black. "I just like his country music that's about all I asked him."

"What did he say?" KTEN asked. "He said he enjoyed it and he appreciated it," says Black.

"I've met him several times. He would come and sign autographs and I watched him perform at the McSwain when he was growing up," says Janet Bare.

"He's often spotted at Wal-Mart, or he has been over the the last several years," says Gerald McAlister.

McAlister remembers hearing Shelton's dad, a car salesman who died 2 years ago, talking about his son's plans to move to Nashville.

"I bought 2 or 3 Nissan vehicles from him, and he sold GM cars as well," says McAlister.

McAlister thought to himself that many people move to Nashville with dreams of success. But then Blake made it.

"I used to have his stepmom as a substitute teacher," says Brandall Black.

Brandall Black has lived by the water tower on Townsend and West 20th for about a year. "I have a picture of him with his signature and everything she used to give us," he says.

"I was just scared it might break one day and all the water come out of it that's about all," says Dwight Black.

Brandall's dad says he thinks Blake needs to do more than put the tower on his album.

"I think it needs to be painted. It needs his logo on there," says Dwight Black.

Since Blake grew up and went to school right here in Ada, many people tell me they're not surprised he would use an image of this local  landmark right on the cover of his album.

"From what I see there, nice, yeah," says Ed Mitchell.

"I think that's pretty cool that he's still kind of  hasn't forgotten about his hometown," says Lariah Black.

"Acknowledging I guess where he came from and it's just really cool that he's putting that on there," says Caleb Emrich. "Compared to everything else we have, yeah, it's pretty big around here, has the city's name on it."

"I think it's wonderful. That's a big symbol of Ada. When they see that, everybody knows they're near the junior high, which used to be the high school," says Bare.

"Yeah it's a little scary to live next to, but it doesn't make any sounds or anything. Wanna go climb it?" says Brandall Black. "No I don't think so," says KTEN.

The album is going on sale on September 30 at Wal-Mart. It costs $13.88 to pre-order it on their website. I did send a "Tweet" to Blake but I haven't heard back yet.