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Ardmore Library Closes the Book On Tradition; Adds Downloadable Music, Magazines

ARDMORE, OKLA. -- For most of us, technology already dominates how we spend our time, and now, the Ardmore Library is adding a virtual branch, meaning you don't have to leave home to take advantage of its free services.  

The Ardmore Library works hard to preserve history -- but lately -- it's been working on it's future.

"To provide something more like what we would call a digital branch," said Daniel Gibbs, library director. "Something that you can use from home without having to come to the library and still get things that you wanted."

With just a library card and an electronic device, you could always download e-books and audio books, but now, the library is adding magazines at your fingertips, using a service called Zenio.  

"There are enhancements to it," Gibbs said. "There are animations. There are things in the digital version that are not in print.


s like National Geographic are available to download for free. But the library is not stopping there -- next week -- it will add a music service called Freegal -- a slang term meaning free and legal.  

"There are about seven million songs currently in the collection," Gibbs said.

Users can stream three hours of music every day, and download three songs to their devices a week.

"They're DRM free," Gibbs said. "They don't expire. They are your songs."

Right now the library has hundred of movies that you can check out but within the next year they hope to add a streaming service so you can pick up all the titles you love in their virtual library.

"Once I get home that's what i do," said Bobbi Seals, a frequent library user. "I put everything down. I get online and look at the news or read a magazine or something like that so that will be really fun especially because it's free." 

The virtual library cost about $17,000 this year. Any Carter County resident can sign up for a library card with proof of address.

Included in the virtual library are also products like rosetta stone and databases to track your ancestry. Gibbs said they have been hoping to make this jump for quite awhile, they just had to wait for the services to become available.