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Cooler Than Normal Weather


SHERMAN -- People across Texoma have been spending more time outside and enjoying this very untypical weather for the first day of August.

"Well I tell you we are from Minnesota and we are visiting here this week. Our grandson so we are like right at home with this weather (laughing). In fact I think we brought the weather with us," said Laurie and David Faber.

Temperatures this week have certainly not been typical for Texoma this time of year.

"We usually average temperatures in the low 90s for the end of July. In fact just looking at temperatures for the past 4 years over the month of July, we averaged highs at 99 degrees back in 2011 compared to the 90 degrees we have averaged this year," says Meteorologist Cathy Corbett.

Since Wednesday the highs have been in the 70s. We talked to several people who were just relieved not to be dealing with the heat.

"Well usually its like a 100 or 105 at this time so I'm enjoying the day got to get my dog out and enjoy walking around. So i'm having a great, great day," says Charles Nunley.

"I think its great. Its nice to get a break from the heat. I always dread the July and August temperatures so it's a good time to get some work done that needs to be done," says Wayne Crise.

"I think its awesome, its unprecedented and it allows us to go out here and do stuff like this without breaking a sweat," says Zach Hefton.

We stopped by the Fairview pool and found the life guards in sweaters and sweatshirts! It's hard to believe it's the first day of August, but they tell us it's certainly a welcome relief from the typical Texoma heat they usually experience.

"We love it as life guards cause we're not sweating but its also hard when we have to get in the water to guard at the bottom of the slides, its really cold," says Elie Gundersheimer.

"If I didn't know better I'd think I was in Minnesota cause everything is so pretty and green and I wasn't expecting that," says Faber.