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Flash Flooding in Gunter

 GUNTER, TX -- This morning in Gunter six inches of rain fell in just a few hours. Crews took a proactive measure to shut down parts of highway 289. It worked, there were no accidents, or high water rescues, but some residents still have damage.

It's 8 a.m. in Gunter, and this driver can not get out of his neighborhood onto highway 289 -- making the wise decision to turn around.  

Just down the street, Texas Department of Transportation lights are flashing, warning drivers that some neighborhood roads off 289 -- between 121 and Gunter High School -- are impassible. Downtown, houses sit with water nipping at the edges.  

"When it was raining really hard it looked like it was hailing," resident Sarah Strahan said. "It was just flooded everywhere."

Strahan also needed to get out of the same neighborhood. She waited a couple of hours, and suddenly she could.

"It just kind of dried up and I was kind of surprised," she said.

Almost as quickly as the six inches of rain poured down, it receded in this neighborhood, but at a dog kennel on the other side of the highway, owners weren't so lucky.

"It flooded the entire property through the timbers and all the way up to the kennel building," said owner Shannon Slattery.

When the Slattery's built North Texas Hunting Retrievers dog kennel in 2005 they knew it might flood -- but still have never seen anything like this.

"Part of the property, I  think, is in a hundred year flood plain, so we had anticipated that it could happen at some point," she said. 

With more than thirty dogs to house, the kennel is their first priority, so they built the part of the building housing the K-9's higher than everything else.

"Actually up just to the edge of the building," she said, pointing to water lines. "It didn't get in." 

The dogs are dry, but the horses will have to find a new place to sleep tonight. Rain water flooding their stalls. Leaving the Slattery's to think about repairs.  

"Most likely, we'll probably be hiring somebody," she said. 

The mayor of Gunter says the city is looking into improvements for narrow neighborhood roads to prevent similar flooding in the future.