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Heavy rain causes flooding across Grayson County

GRAYSON COUNTY -- Many in Grayson County are mopping up from flooding caused by heavy rain.

Workers at Howe Middle School had their hands full early Thursday morning when a courtyard in the middle of campus began to fill up.

"It doesn't seem to be draining as quickly as I thought but you can see the air bubbles coming up," principal Clay Wilson said. "That's just a lot of rain."

Several inches of water covered the courtyard. Some even seeped inside.

Custodians stayed on standby using mops and a shop-vac to soak up the water as it came in.

Nothing was damaged and a break in the storms eventually gave drainage pipes a chance to re-direct the rainfall.

"We don't have a problem with it draining unless it really comes down really hard," Wilson said.

Rain refused to stay outdoors at one home in Denison where Dennis Russell woke up to a leaky roof.

"It was really coming down and it just started dripping and my wife had put a tub on the table and it was 'plink, plink, plink,'" Russell said.

Kelly Polston with Lankford Roofing says recent rains have kept his staff working non-stop. "Very busy," he said.

Polston says Russell did the right thing by getting the hole fixed right away and likely kept a $250 repair from becoming a full-blown replacement that could cost thousands.

"Because the ceilings do fall in when too much moisture gets on top of them," Polston said.

A microburst was reported in Love County at about 10:15pm Wednesday with wind speeds clocking in at 106 miles per hour.

In Van Alstyne, the city manager said five inches of rain in 24 hours infiltrated its sewage system through cracks and gaps.

The city says it was scheduled to perform smoke testing to identify the problem areas but that's now been put on hold because of the rain.

The city says the flooding problem was created through a natural event that was outside the city's control and that anyone affected is welcomed to to pick up a claim form at city hall.