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Grayson College Helping Students Pass the Texas Success Initiative Exam

DENISON -- The Texas Success Initiative Assessment exam was designed to give colleges a good idea whether students were ready for college level math and english classes. However it also resulted in some students becoming disqualified for financial aid.

Angel Smith is a student working towards her bachelors degree at Grayson College. For her and many other students math is their main struggle.

Smith recently took the math portion of the Texas Success Initiative Assessment exam but was not able to pass her first time. 

"It let me know that I wasn't prepared for certain things. There were things that I needed refreshers on and so that with the combination of the lab to be prepared for I really needed the zero level classes to be able to go onto college level algebra," Smith says.

Mark Taylor, the Director of Student Success Initiative, says the exam has only been used for the last year.

"What is kind of unique about this test is it not only determines whether they're college ready, kind of an upward limit, but it also determines whether they are below the high school level which is very unique for a test like this," says Taylor.

And for students who are scoring below high school level status, administrators say it disqualifies them from financial aid.

"We try to refer students who need a lot of work to our adult basic education program. They work with them individually and can make some rapid progress and just as soon as they retest and get up into the high school level they then become eligible for financial aid," says Taylor.

Smith didn't say financial assistance was a problem for her, however she wants to pass so she's been using the adult basic education math hub to practice and study.

"Whenever I took the test there were a lot of things I didn't remember but then once I got into the lab and stuff like that then it jogged my memory so I really think that after I do the lab I can go back and retake the test and actually pass it," says Smith.

Grayson College says they are working on strategies to get the students up to speed in both math and english so they can pass the exam, transition into college work, and obtain financial aid if needed.