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Chickasaw Nation Opens Community Center In Ardmore

ARDMORE, OK -- The Chickasaw Nation opened a new addition to it's Carter service campus in Ardmore Wednesday morning.
With a snip of the ribbon, the the newest addition to the Chickasaw Carter service center officially opened.
"The Chickasaw Nation knows--the people know--the importance of family and fellowship," said Governor Bill Anoatubby.
The 15,000 square foot community center will be able to cater to a wide variety of events from meetings to family occasions.
"This community center is one more way to underscore that focus on family and community," said Anoatubby.
At Ardmore's community forum Wednesday afternoon, city manager JD Spohn said the city has a close working relationship with the Chickasaw tribe.
Mayor Martin Dyer says the growth of the city is similar to that of the Chickasaws.
"The tribe is very active around here and there are quite a few of them," said Dyer. "I think they're helping to take care of themselves and  they'll help the general public out quite a bit."
Dyer believes the new community center could also bring a boost to the local economy.
"Because anything that brings people to Ardmore will boost the economy," said Dyer. "And this certainly brings people to Ardmore."
"We believe that by improving the quality of life for our people it helps improve the quality of life of this entire community," said Anoatubby.
In early June, the Chickasaws broke ground on a 26,000 foot child development center which will provide opportunities for more than 200 children from six weeks to four years old in the Ardmore area.