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Colbert residents warned about water billing scam

COLBERT -- Friday, the Colbert police department issued an alert to residents who receive water from the city.

The police chief says the department has received complaints from residents who are receiving calls from people who claim to be with the Colbert water department.

The callers ask residents to pay their water bills over the phone using credit or debit cards.

The problem is the callers aren't with the city at all.

"The city of Colbert is not set up to handle credit cards or debit cards so this is a scam. Somebody's calling around trying to get people to give them their credit card information so they can use it for other purposes," Colbert police Chief Jeff Goerke said.

Goerke says, so far, no one has fallen for the scam.

He reminds residents the town of Colbert does not accept credit or debit cards because it is not set up to process those forms of payment.

He suggests anyone who receives these types of calls to get a phone number so police can trace it.

"The only thing I can come up with might be the fact that we've been in the news recently for having water issues," Goerke said. "They use that as a pretense to start this. That's the only thing I'm aware of."