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Drivers busted in Sherman taking makeshift exit ramps in construction zone

GRAYSON COUNTY -- Impatient drivers are being warned.

Trying to dodge slow-moving traffic through Sherman may end up costing you more time and money.

Local law enforcement are onto the trend of drivers making their own dirt exit ramps to get around delays.

In a matter of minutes, our cameras spotted at least a half-dozen drivers who decided to off-road it from Highway 75 to a service road to avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic through Sherman.

"I'm sure everybody's considered it but it's against the law," Howe resident Mike Laubhan said.

What the drivers didn't realize is that Texas state troopers were one step ahead waving over drivers caught jumping the median to bypass the back-up.

"It's actually a violation of the law to cut across the median under any circumstances like that," Sherman police Sgt. DM Hampton said.

Despite being illegal, DPS and Sherman police say they're seeing it happen more often since the Loy Lake bridge construction project began.

"People need to anticipate that there's going to be delays. There's just no doubt about that and to maybe find alternative routes or just give themselves an extra 15 or 20 minutes to get through some of this," Sgt. Hampton said.

While dirt paths have become beaten down in construction zones, throughout Grayson County you can see numerous tire tracks across medians up and down Highway 75.

"We need to build some more roads, we need more access because this area is growing so fast, so rapidly," Savoy resident Gary Rowland said.

We asked TxDOT whether it feels there's a need for more on and off ramps along Highway 75. A representative said the department does not and that there are no plans to pave anymore ramps.

Law enforcement says using makeshift exit ramps can damage your vehicle and can be dangerous.

Impatience can also cost you as much as $174 for a ticket.

Construction along Highway 75 in Sherman is scheduled to last until spring.