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Sherman Hosts Softball State Tournament and Expects a Boost in Tourism

SHERMAN -- For the first time in recent memory, the City of Sherman is hosting the 10-U Texas Teenage State Softball Tournament.

The City of Sherman's athletic director, Matthew Hubert, made a bid for the tournament last August and was excited when he learned they won.

"The build up before all the preparation work, its a lot of hours, a lot of planning, a lot of communicating with different organizations, hotels, restaurants, and just different people in the community," says Hubert.

The city says the tournament means a lot for the area. The Chamber of Commerce tells us they are expecting quite a bit of tourism revenue from the event.

"Financially its great for us because it brings in a little under a half of million dollars on tourism based on the numbers that the state uses to figure on the what to expect expense wise from tourism," says Eddie Brown, the President of the Sherman Chamber of Commerce.

"We have some teams that have traveled 5+ hours to spend their summer vacation here in the Texoma area so we are really excited about that," says Hubert.

And the chamber has provided a lot for these softball families to do.

"We have other things like the splash pool in Sherman and the downtown district where there is historical buildings and there is places to shop and eat and we have various other retail locations here as well," says Brown.

They are even invited to a free movie in the park this Tuesday at Old Settlers Park where the tournament is being held.

The City of Sherman says an event like this is just a home run for the whole community.

"We don't have the major theme parks but an event like this really helps out," says Hubert.