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Caretaker Arrested For Elderly Abuse

 MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- A Marshall County woman has been arrested for abuse after an elderly man in her care was found living in deplorable conditions.

Christy Ann Heil was arrested after deputies got a tip of possible elderly abuse at a home in the Lost Akers area.

When they arrived they found a 64-year old man in poor physical condition who said he hadn't been bathed in two months.

They say the house was filthy and unlivable with dog feces all over the floor and trash bags everywhere. 

They say the man had mold growing on his shirt and that the bathtubs were filled with dirty dishes and clothes.

Deputies say they also found drug paraphernalia.

Heil was living at the home as well.

She was arrested and charged with elderly abuse and possession.

She's being held in the Marshall County jail without bond.    

The elderly man was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released.