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Water Customers Near Durant Warned Not To Do Laundry For A Week

BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A warning to thousands of Texoma households tonight about yellow or brown water that could ruin people's laundry.
The water district which serves customers west and northwest of Durant says it's perfectly safe to drink the water, but any customers planning to do a load of whites need to think again.

When you turn on the tap, you expect to see clear water.

"Sort of brown looking and it looks like dirty water is what it looks like," says Bryan County Water District #2 customer Jimmy Brown.

But some customers here have noticed problems.

"We've had brown water since Monday and we thought it was a grass die-off in the lake, but we had a pinched chemical line in the water plant that we found Monday," says manager Regina Clinton.

We spoke to some customers in Silo and north of Durant who haven't seen anything wrong at all, while others only saw it for a day last week.

"Just a light brownish haze," says customer Steve Weaver.

"It's kind of like a mild lemonade-looking color, but it's cleared up since then," says customer Brady Collins.

"Right now, ours here at the office is cleared up, but down the road they still have brown water, so it's just intermittent in the system," says Clinton.

"I even still drink a little bit of it out of the tap, but most of it I run through the Brita, because it's yellowish," says customer Jay Cradduck.

Clinton says that that pinched line here at the water plant has now been fixed, and any water that is not clear should flow through the system within the next week.

"Any time they wash white clothing, it can discolor it, and set it in, and ruin their clothing, and so just refrain from washing any white clothes for about the next, I would say, 5 days," says Clinton.

Clinton says it only took about 5 minutes to fix the feed line, but it could take days for the system to clear out.

"It was still feeding into the system, but not at the rate it should have been," says Clinton. "It pushes those chemicals that have been built up on the lines through a little bit thicker than normal, so it causes the color to come through the water."

"Of course, we take all our filtered water out of the refrigerator," says Brown.

Cradduck says he's been using a water filter for years because he doesn't like the quality of the water here, but he doesn't want to see any drastic changes.

"Not if it's gonna cost me more money. The water's pretty cheap," says Cradduck.

Luckily this fix won't cost anything. Water District #2 serves about 3,700 households. Clinton says if it's particularly bad at your house, call the office and they will come out and flush the lines.