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Denison Firefighters Set Up Big Fireworks Show Watched By Thousands

DENISON, TX -- Putting on a Fourth of July fireworks show is no small task, but every year one local fire department takes it upon themselves to do just that.

Firefighters tell me for much of the 33-minutes show, they shoot off a firework every two to two-and-a-half seconds. We talked to the chief who has been doing this for more than 20 years to find out just how it all works.
Before the fireworks go off, there's a lot of work that has be done behind the scenes.

"The grand finale we'll have 180 shells, and then the single shots we have right at 900," says Fire Chief Gordan Weger.

Four hours before Denison's big show started, firefighters and volunteers were busy setting up at the Central Fire Station.

"We try to do it here, and then when we drag it down to the site where we actually set them off, everything's ready to start the show," says Weger.

"They love the fireworks. We watch 'em every year and we usually watch them from our house. We live just a couple blocks from here," says resident Shannon Kuntschik.

With the heat, the popular place to be at Forest Park before the fireworks went off was either in the shade or here getting a snow cone.

"Well the kids want them and it's their favorite," says Plano visitor Annette Planey.

The Red River Railroad Museum train Lil' Katy was also rolling kids on a circle around the park.

"We have 18 people that's volunteered to come in and help us and we're gonna be busy there for that 33 minutes," says Weger.

City officials say the Smith Foundation paid for most of the $14,000 cost for the fireworks. American Bank of Texas and TMC are also serving as sponsors.

At the fire station, there were two different trailers of mortars for fireworks.

"The single shots we have the mortars on a different trailer in buckets of sand and we load them and then we reload 'em during the show," says Weger.

Some people weren't afraid to get really close to the loud booms, parking and setting up watch in the field near Bi-Lo.

"I just like to watch the displays and I like to hear the noise," says resident Bob Derebery.

"It's one of my favorite days and I know that it's because it's the same for a lot of the citizens of Denison, and we have people from the surrounding areas that come and look forward to it every year," says Main Street Director Donna Dow.

"It allows safely for the kids to see fireworks and you don't have to worry about them getting hurt and it gives the opportunity for family to get together and come out and enjoy and celebrate the Fourth of July," says Weger.

Dow says the firefighters help save money because the city doesn't have to hire an outside fireworks company.

The band was moved to Heritage Park due to Munson Stadium construction. They also had a patriotic music simulcast on KMKT radio.