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A Lot More Housing Options are Coming to Denison

DENISON -- Months ago we did a story on how the City of Denison is on the verge of explosion with new businesses and opportunities. Now the city has plans to offer a lot more housing options to support the growth city officials expect over the next several years.

Brett Evans is a new business owner in the town of Denison.

"I was attracted to Denison for the fact that I'm looking for the future growth not just for the restaurant now but you know for the next 20 years. I can see that just the whole Denison, Sherman, Pottsboro area is going to have a significant amount of growth in the next 10 years."

Denison has a new high school and renovated stadium in the works, plus a great hospital. New businesses are coming or just expanding and that creates more opportunities.

"All of those things cause a quality of life that generate interest and when people want to move to an area they want a good housing selection and we are at our lowest amount of inventory of homes in the Sherman/Denison area since 2000," says Tony Kaai with the Denison Developmental Alliance who conducted research on the housing market overview of the Sherman-Denison area.

So now city officials are trying change that and expand the housing market.

"We need a wide variety of housing options in Denison. We need people, young professionals, need to have a place to live. We would love for them to live here rather than in other places," says Robert Hanna, the City Manager of Denison.

Evans was able to find a home for his family but it was a bit of a struggle.

"There weren't just a ton of available options for what we were looking for," says Evans.

The City Council Monday night approved a new apartment complex to be built and approved a housing incentive program to get builders designing homes in Denison.

"We have partnered with the banks who've stepped up and helped to create some attractive financial offers for the builders. We are hoping to be able to leverage those with some incentives the city is offering to be able to spur the private sector into locating and building some affordable homes," says Hanna.

"The more houses, the more people that are in the area, the bigger the customer base is," says Evans.