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Private Firm Launching Investigation Into Molly Miller Disappearance

ARDMORE, OK – Klein Investigations and Consulting (KIC Texas) has been retained to investigate the disappearance of Molly Miller. Below is a press release from Klein Investigations and Consulting regarding the investigation:

"Ms. Miller disappeared this past July of 2013 and has not been heard from since. In such, KIC Texas has assigned nine investigators from around the United States, each with specialization in different disciplines of cold case reviews. The lead investigator will be Philip R. Klein who is known throughout the United States for locating missing persons. 
We would like to make it very clear that our job is not to help, hinder or assist law enforcement. It is to first locate Molly Miller and second to turn over any and all information on Molly obtained to the proper law enforcement agency being federal, state or local. 
The team will need and is asking for help from the public. Therefore, a new MOLLY MILLER HOTLINE has been established – the HOTLINE number for tips or information is 580-798-8157. This line is manned 24 hours a day and is an anonymous tip Hotline. We want the public to know that we will not release for ANY reason your name or contact information. Any tip, any information, any rumor, or any information that you may have heard third hand is important to us. Please call the HOTLINE. 
Further, a MOLLY MILLER HOTLINE email address has been established. That address is again set up for anonymous tips. It is Again – we want to insure the public and anyone that may have information that we will NOT release your name or contact information. 
We have attached the new fliers that will be released to the public over the next few weeks with the information on how to contact the team. As well, please watch the Molly Miller web site and Facebook Page."