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Bryan Co. Teen Suffering From Spinal Injury After Diving Mishap

BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- We're learning more about a teenager who injured his spine in a diving accident near Silo.      

It's now 6 days later, and the teen remains in the hospital with family members by his bedside. A Facebook page says he has been undergoing various treatments and just had to go back on a ventilator.

A split-second decision ends with a teen severely injured.

"I don't think he can feel his legs, but I think he's able to motion with his hands," says family acquaintance Colton Coffey.

Grant Rustin, 16, is now at Parkland Hospital in Dallas after hurting his neck in a diving accident.

KTEN just interviewed him last month for a story about Victory Life Academy students.

"I guess he dived in the pool and hit his head wrong but they found him face down in the water," says Coffey.

Rustin was visiting a family friend's house in the 600 block of Church Road on Saturday.

That's when the teen dove off a deck into a backyard pool and hit his head on the bottom, Sheriff Ken Golden said.

"Oh I'll pray for him," says neighbor Zelda Hicks. "Good Lord, I didn't know anything was wrong."

On a Facebook page, family members say Rustin had surgery on Saturday night to repair a broken vertebra.

"They're a good family. Good, great young man," says Jeff Thompson, who works at Rustin's school.

Victory Life Academy is already out for the summer, but friends who've been hearing about what happened to the high school student, who is set to be a junior in the fall, say they're thinking of him.

"Anything you could ask for in a young man. Very polite. Very kind. Always giving," says Thompson.

"He said, 'Could he ride his bicycle across?' and I said, 'Honey, this was your place before it was mine, you're welcome to ride it anytime,'" says Hicks, who bought property from the Rustin family.

Now friends at First Church of the Nazarene in Durant, where Rustin's dad serves as one of the pastors, are also praying. His name is up on the church sign on S. 9th Av.

"You can say that life's not fair, but we live in a world where things happen, and so sometimes it happens to the really, really good ones," says Thompson.

The Facebook page is called Grant's Journey, and has already received more than 1,000 likes.

Friends tell us things are still touch and go and they are praying Rustin will be fine.