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Running Club Runs For One Of Their Own

MARIETTA, OK -- Four years ago, a running club in Love County began helping their community by running to raise money to help others.

This year's event, they're running to help one of their own.

The Roundup Run Crew in just four short years has helped its community in many ways.

"We've added more people than ever to be able to enjoy coming and running on the streets of Marietta," said Nic McMillin, a co-chair for the Love County Frontier Days.

They've helped establish memorial scholarships and improve school facilities through the funds they raised.

They even help others battle cancer.

This year they're fighting for one of their own.

"Whenever you have someone that's been involved for the last four years and it actually hits home and affects them it just gives you even bigger goosebumps," said race coordinator Marcia Miller.

That someone is Brooke McGill.

"Since she was part of our team from the beginning we just felt we had to do something," said Miller.

McGill contracted thyroid cancer back in December and says she's overwhelmed by the outpouring of support she's received.

"I'm blessed to be from such a wonderful place," said McGill.

Race coordinators designed shirts for Brooke for this year's race while also raising money for the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life of Love County.

"Typically our goal for Relay for Life is to donate $5000, that's typically about the money we can raise," said Miller. "And then for Brooke we're hoping any amount I think."

McGill's friends with the Roundup Run Club say they hope to hand Brooke somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 to a $1,000, which Brooke plans to use to help pay off medical bills.

But the cancer survivor says she has something much more valuable.

"It just means that I have a very good group of friends and that I'm very fortunate to have that in my life," said McGill.

Race organizers say you can still register before the race begins Saturday.
The event starts at the Love County courthouse at 8 AM.