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Oklahoma in Need of Skilled Welders, Ada Course to Help

ADA, OK--Oklahoma companies are facing a statewide need for employees with welding skills. It's a business concern that has been growing for several years.

Superior Fabrications has been a metal fabrication company in Oklahoma since the 90's. General manager Dave Hammond says his Ada plant is ready to expand, but one thing is standing in its way.

"We have a lot of different companies competing for welders, especially experienced welders," he said.

Hammond says the lack of welding employees and applicants has been hurting Ada-based businesses for years--his is no exception.

"It hurts our ability to expand," said Hammond. "We've got plenty of business, and if we can get the welders and the production capability to meet those requirements, then obviously we're gong to grow and provide more jobs."

RamJack is another local company that says it's been affected by a lack of welders for almost 20 years. President Mike Pinley says most people don't realize how important the skill actually is.

"Majority of stuff you see in this world has been welded at some point in time," said Pinley.

In an effort to meet the local need, the Pontotoc Technology Center has created a summer course designed to equip students with the welding skills necessary to secure jobs in the workforce.

Hershel Williams--the agricultural business coordinator for the school--said, "We'll be teaching different aspects of welding from stick welding to mig welding, to plasma cutting, some gas metal welding."

School representatives say there is an incentive for students to enroll in the class.

"Students coming out of this program are at least guaranteed an interview at each one of these companies here in town," said Williams.

Local business managers say they are more than ready to interview and hire these potential applicants.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in taking the summer course, you are asked to contact the Pontotoc Technology Center. The class will run from June 9 to July 10.