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Security Tightens At Ardmore Middle School After Bomb Threat

 ARDMORE, OK -- School administrators and police took extra steps for student safety Tuesday after a bomb threat was made at a Carter County middle school.

Last Thursday, authorities received a bomb threat at Ardmore Middle School.

"It was one that was predicted for today," said Superintendent Sonny Bates.

Over the next several days school staff began taking steps to secure the building.

Police say the threat was written inside a stall inside a bathroom. On Tuesday all restrooms throughout the school were locked and school administrators say they will continue the precaution for the rest of the school year.

Parents and students were notified of the threat and the protective measures being taken in a message sent out Monday night by the school's principal.

"We did not allow students to bring large backpacks to school today," said Cindy Huddleston, Ardmore Middle School principal. "As another precaution we took up cell phones."

The Ardmore Police Department is currently investigating the threat with Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

"Right now we're looking at handwritings," said Ruben Garcia, the middle school's resource officer. "I've spoken with some of the teachers to see if they could assist with that."

Garcia says whomever made the threat would face felony charges.

"This is an offense that is punishable it's not only handled here at the school but we do report it to the authorities and there are penalties for that," said Bates.

Parents were pleased with the steps taken for their children.

"I had 26 years of service, and you take nothing for granted," said John Pirtle, a grandfather of a student at the school.

"It doesn't need to be like this," said Jeremy Donaldson, a father of an eighth grade student. "Kids need to not think it's a joke or think they're being cool about it. It's unfortunate that it happens, this day and age it's kind of sad that we still have to deal with this stuff."

School administrators say they will continue to enact several of the safety measures periodically until the end of the school year.