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Local runners to represent Texoma in Boston Marathon


SHERMAN, TX –  Today marks the one year anniversary of the deadly Boston marathon bombing.

Matt Boykin and Chris Norch are part of a local group called the Texoma Runners. They meet up every Saturday and run through sherman.They won't be there this Saturday. But they have a good reason to miss as they'll be running in the Boston marathon.

"I think it's going to a great way for us to go up there and represent the Sherman area in honoring the victims from last year," said Boykin.  

Boykin and Norch will join more than 36,000 runners worldwide next Monday.

"It's a lot bigger than any individual runner," he said. "It's something that's taken over the whole city. The city of Boston, it's been wonderful looking at the resiliency of the individuals there."

Boykin is a coach at Tom Bean Middle School. He says students have shown concern for his safety.

"I hope that nothing happens," said Boykin. "I've made sure to convince them it's going to be a race like any other."

Norch has been running with Boykin for the past two years.

"The running community, that's a wonderful thing," said Norch. "Everybody is out there supporting each other."  

This will be Norch's third run.

"Matt had called me and told about when he first got into Boston and I was so happy for him," said Norch, "he asked me about race logistics,  where to stay, how to fly up. I asked him to give me a couple days. So I looked on and I felt a real strong bond with what the people of Boston were going through."   

Norch says friends and family have been encouraging, telling him to keep his focus on the run and not the past.

"Turn your music off, enjoy the surroundings," he said, "you're going through a great track, an iconic route. The people there are going to be phenomenal. And you just get to look into those faces and people cheer you on."

The runners say Monday can't get here quick enough.

"Boston strong," Norch said. "I can't wait to go support the city."

Dr. Gary Marlow of Denison will be joining Boykin and Norch next Monday. The trio will fly out Friday morning and spend the weekend preparing for the run.