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Ardmore Is "Stepping Out" For Healthier Lifestyle


ARDMORE, OK -- Several members of the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce took a stroll around central park Wednesday, not for their own health, they did it for yours.     

They're walking as a way to introduce a new gadget to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

It's a response to a recent health study that ranked Oklahoma 44th in the nation, with Carter County near the bottom in the state.

Usually, a pebble in your shoe is a pain while you're walking.

But the one introduced at Central Park in Ardmore is receiving praise instead of complaints.  

"I think that making us aware of how much we're moving or not moving is going to be good to increase fitness," said Don Black, chamber member.

The Ardmore Chamber of Commerce introduced the Pebble Wednesday to try and lower poor health statistics in the county for it's "Stepping Out" health initiative.

The Pebble tracks everyday movement whether its on your shoe or on your belt. It then sends the data it collects to a software program so you can track your progress. The chamber of commerce hopes this little gadget encourages people around Carter County to get up and move.

"It'll capture like if you're on an elliptical, or something where you're just moving your arms and you have the pebble on your wrist," said Kevin Brown, with the Ardmore Institute of Health.

America's Health Ratings say about 32 percent of Oklahomans are considered obese, nearly five percent higher than the national average.

The Ardmore Institute of Health is partnering with the chamber to get large groups in Carter County involved with the Pebble.

"The studies have shown us, that if you're motivated and you have that group dynamic that you're going to be more inclined to be successful in your efforts," said Mita Bates, president of the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce.

"That's really were the power comes from is if people are doing this in the context of friendships or work friendships or a community," said Brown.

Some are already willing to walk that extra mile.

"I'm anxious to go back to my office and see what it says," said Black.

Bates says the gadget keeps track of steps, calories burned, distance and time, along with weight and blood pressure monitoring options.

For more information you can contact the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce.