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Sherman considering a smoking ban in restaurants


SHERMAN, TX -- As surrounding towns such as paris crack down on smoking bans, Mayor Cary Wacker says the city council is slowly looking into a widespread ban that would eliminate smoking sections in restaurants.

But she says it will be weeks before that ban is put in place.

Darian Hall is a Sherman resident and says as a smoker, she's willing to step outside to smoke.

"Because I don't like to go inside and eat and smell smoke while I'm eating," said Hall. "And I know the children definitely do not want to smell that."

She believes smoking inside will change soon.

"It's going to happen no matter what," said Hall. "We really don't have a say for the restaurants if there's going to be a ban or not."

Local restaurant managers declined to be on camera, but tell KTEN they do offer designated smoking sections.

Though the Jalapeno Tree managers say smoking is completely banned on Sundays until three in the afternoon. Managers at La Mesa on Texoma Parkway say their restaurant has been smoke-free for the past six months.

Michelle Kliewer isn't originally from Sherman.

"It was nice going in bars and restaurants and being able to smoke," said Kliewer. "And it's nice they have smoking and non-smoking areas too, but it's still nice to accommodate to that."

Now that Kliewer is here, she says she's against the potential ban.

"I don't think the state should tell them what to do," said Kliewer. "If they should smoke or not, I think it's the owners that decide if they want to smoke or not."

Mayor Wacker says the ban could include vapor and e-cigarettes. But people we talked to say that might not go over well in the area.

"No I do not think vaping should be banned," said Hall.

"We should at least be able to do that, if they're not going to accommodate to us otherwise some people are going to lose business," said Kliewer.

Currently the City of Sherman does not control whether a restaurant bans smoking, but the code of ordinances lists regulations on how big the smoking area can be, how well it has to be advertised to customers and how far it must be from the non-smoking section.