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Calera Students Learn Distracted Driving is Dangerous


CALERA -- "Is a text or a phone call really worth what could happen to you? Is it worth losing your life?"

Courtney Connel and Dylan Giguere know first hand the devastation that driving while distracted can cause.

The two were badly injured in seperate accidents Police say were caused by distracted driving.

"I didn't even realize how dangerous it was until this actually happened and I wish I would have learned sooner," says Giguere.

"I want students to walk away knowing that a text is not worth losing your life or killing someone else," says Connel.

They shared their stories with students at Calera High School Tuesday morning in hopes the teens will never again be distracted and drive.

"If me talking today scared these kids then I hope it scared them enough not to do what my friend did and end up like me or end up like my best friend underneath a car somewhere," say Giguere.

Troopers with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol say they deal with thousands of deaths related to distracted driving each year.

"There is like that three seconds before the crash is what distracts you. It is just that three seconds … that's what does it," says Ashley Hampton, a State Trooper with Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

"We are a small community, you see the children most everyday. The last thing you want to do as a citizen of the town or a law enforcement officer is that those children not be here because of a mistake that they made," says Don Hyde, Calera Police Chief.

A video of a horrific crash showed students how texting and driving can end in tragedy and a car on display in front of the school makes it real.

"Sometimes a reality check is what they need and we are hoping that that message comes across strong today," says Hyde.

"No one is capable of texting and driving and being able to focus and I dont ever want to live through anything like this again," says Connel.