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Crafty Creations: Crochet & Canvas

It's SPRING! (We think)
Here's an idea I thought of for some home made crochet pieces I found.
Hand made with fun colors, I decided to use them for a gift.
This would also work with some pieces from a special quilt that had seen better days.
3 crochet squares
craft paint
spray water bottle
fat sponge brush
regular paint brush
ribbon-to go around the frame
glue & glue gun
I start all projects with music...even house cleaning!
First, take your pieces to the store to decide the best canvas size.
Arrange and re-arrange to decide where your pieces are going to be placed.
I happen to have 3 for this project.
With the wide sponge brush (works best on a larger surface)
and spray bottle, slightly wet all the canvas.
Mix your paint to coordinate with your pieces and apply with the wide sponge brush over the canvas evenly. For this one, I used some pink with orange. Don't forget the sides.
After it's dry, spray some more water on the canvas & add another color. (optional)
I used white & did streaks with the regular paint brush, going across the canvas one way,
from one end to the other, until I liked the streak-age.
When you like the outcome, let dry.
Measure with ribbon the perimeter of the canvas frame.
I added a button where the 2 ends met.
Decide where you want the ends to meet before beginning the process.
Glue the ribbon to one canvas side and let dry.
Repeat with the other 3 sides.
Add a button or other ornamental trinket where the ends meet.
I used the school glue here, for the pointed tip which creates more control and a thinner glue line.
After all is dry place the crochet pieces on the canvas.
Make sure your margins are even and the right sides are showing.
Hot glue the corners to the canvas & add a few other spots of glue where needed.
I didn't glue the entire edge.
DONE!! Don't forget to sign the back side on the frame with the date and special occasion.
REMEMBER: If you want a shiny canvas surface, add a coat of Mod Podge.  After that, though, you'll need Epoxy to glue anything, as the Mod Podge will seal the canvas surface.  
The 2 pillows I showed this morning, I made from sweaters found at the thrift store.
All the winter clothing is on $ale now, so grab some cable knit, tweed or corduroy.
You have time to get them ready for adding texture when Ole Man Winter comes back.
NOTE: Buying the pillows at the thrift stores & using the interior form is le$$ than getting new pillow forms at the store!   Add some giant buttons or a monogram.
"All creative people want to do the unexpected." Hedy Lamarr
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