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Durant Woman Says Farewell To Co-Workers After 32 Years


DURANT, OK -- She's been working in the same office since 1982, but starting next week, one Durant woman will now have all her days free.

The court clerk in Bryan County decided it's time to retire, and tonight, she gathered with her co-workers for one last time, this time to say good-bye.

There comes a time in every career when you reach the end, and for Sandy Stroud, that day is today. "This is my home away from home. I was 23 years old when I came to work here," says Stroud.

"When Sandy first started as a deputy clerk she was so shy, and timid, and quiet, that we could hardly get her to speak to us," says associate district judge Rocky Powers.

Over the years, Stroud has helped organize the workings of the courts in her home county, and that used to mean writing everything in huge docket books.

"I started coming here when I was 3, so you know, I remember growing up here and a lot of things have changed and I'm just proud of her, she's really done a good job," says son Brandon Williams.

Stroud has now been coming to work here at the Bryan County Courthouse for the past 32 years, including 17 as the head court clerk. Today, her employees and friends gathered for a retirement party.

"Every work day for 32 years, I have driven to this courthouse and this office," says Stroud.

"At one time, my grandma worked downstairs on the first floor and my mom worked on the third floor," says Williams.

In 1994, computers arrived, helping them handle a growing work load. "The county's grown, more people, more crime," says Stroud.

"We see a lot of good things and a lot of bad things that happen in the county," says first deputy court clerk Donna Alexander. "We do marriages and divorces, criminal cases, civil cases, adoptions."

"Lawyers, criminals, people coming in to get marriage license or passports, different walk of life, everyone that comes in," says Stroud.

Stroud is looking forward to spending more time with her grandchildren, but she says today is bittersweet.

"The people that I work with, they're like my family, and that's what I'm going to miss," says Stroud.

County commissioners will have to appoint a replacement to fill the remainder of Stroud's term. She's not the only long-serving county employee we talked to tonight. Alexander has been there 28 years and Powers for 36 years.