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Supporters Petition For Ardmore High School Principal


ARDMORE, OK -- Community members are joining together to show support for an Ardmore school administrator who handed in his resignation two weeks ago.

Petitions began circulating after the Ardmore school board accepted the resignation of Kim Holland two weeks ago.

On Wednesday, they were taped to doors for last minute signatures.

Parents and community members who have signed the petition say it is more like a letter of support to keep Holland at Ardmore High School.

"He's outstanding," said Paula Pfau, who signed the petition. "He needs to be here in Ardmore, he is a bright shining star in Ardmore and we do not need to lose him."

When asked about his thoughts on the petition, Holland said he had no knowledge that one was going around.

"I'm just focused on our kids and our teachers and having a good graduation," said Holland.

A petitioner who did not want to appear on camera did release this statement to KTEN News saying in part:

"There are internal changes that need to occur in Ardmore City Schools but Kim Holland leaving is not the answer. It is my hope that this push by parents, students and members of our community will bring about those changes and keep Holland as principal."

Supporters say they are not searching for the details why Holland chose to resign, but are searching for a way to keep him in the Ardmore school system.

"What I would like to know is what we can do to keep him and if there's a big change that needs to be made, what I can do to help make that change," said Pfau.

Signatures were turned in to attorney Glen Burns' office at 5 on Wednesday afternoon.

Burns says the support petition will be used to request an item discussing Holland's resignation be placed on the agenda for the next school board meeting.

Holland has sent a letter to the school board for his resignation to be withdrawn.

Ardmore's next school board meeting is set for April 15.