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Denison woman frightened by cop impersonator at her home



DENISON, TX -- Courtney Bowerman says she was home with her two small children when she heard the doorbell ring

"The next thing I know, he opened my screen and walked in," said Bowerman.

Police say Johnny Ray Davis approached Bowerman's home in the 400 block of Tower Lane Wednesday night around 5 p.m. Bowerman says he carried a badge, but she knew something was wrong when he refused to identify himself.

"And I said, you're not a cop are you?," said Bowerman. "And he started walking towards the front door. And I said are you a cop or not? And he said no this is just a keychain"

Bowerman says the fake-cop told her he was looking for her friend trying to settle overdue car payments. She says she didn't hesitate to call police who responded right away.

"When they were pulling up, he starts trying to run to his car," said Seth Stapleton, Bowerman's neighbor. "And ran off and he works for the car lot and I guess the police arrested him right then."

Davis was arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer and criminal trespassing. Police say Bowerman handled the situation correctly.

"If a person feels like there's something wrong," said Lt. Mike Eppler, "and that this person may be misrepresenting themselves then absolutely call us immediately"

Police say real officers will show further credentials... such as a photo ID. And unlike Davis, they will identify themselves.

"If you go up for a normal contact, we're going to knock on the door and when people say who is it, we're going to say police officer," said Eppler. "We're going to identify ourselves."

Bowerman says she's already moved out of her home on tower lane, but for reasons unrelated to the incident.