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New Substance Abuse Treatment Program In Texoma


SHERMAN, TX -- A new popular drug treatment program is coming to the Texoma area.

The Texoma Community Center is starting out-patient substance abuse treatment at their building off of West McClain Street in Sherman.      

Classes will focus on sober living skills, group therapy, dealing with legal issues, and recovery.      

The center will also offer an optional 12 step program.  

"To have this availability, to develop a program that is new and cutting edge, and also have it free of charge to people is a huge benefit to the community, and something that's been very badly needed," said Brent Phillips Broadrick, Clinical Services Director.

This is the first program of it's kind in Texoma, and the service is free regardless whether or not you have insurance.  If you would like more information about the program you can call the Texoma Community Center At 903-957-4743 or email Kristi Gourd at or visit