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Gainesville Event Remembers Boy Killed In Gun Accident


RGAINESVILLE, TX -- A volleyball fundraiser was held at the North Central Texas College gym to benefit two playgrounds being built in memory of a 3-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself.

It's been more than a year since the day that changed the life of Montague County resident Tiffany Scott. "We had a gun accident at our home," says Scott.

Scott says she was getting ready to meet someone to buy some I-Phones from the Craigslist website and wanted to bring a gun for protection, but 3-year-old Truman found it on a table.

"It was hard. I had to take care of the other ones and keep them in the living room until my parents came back in," says sister Taylor Scott.

Tiffany Scott was dreading what would have been her son's 4th birthday last year, but says it ended up turning into a special day. A 5K run was held in Forestburg with hundreds wearing his favorite color, orange.

"We really thought that this was going to be a one time deal, one playground, one 5K, and people kept coming to us asking, you're going to do this again you're going to do this again," says Tiffany Scott.

Recently, organizers of a private volleyball league in Cooke County got involved and they brought about 80 girls to participate in a tournament on Sunday.

"We try to do what we can to serve others and this just gave us a really good opportunity to do that, to help this family and we had all heard about Truman," says Cross Court Volleyball coach Jennifer Fleitman.

"With tragedy, sometimes it hits you two and 3 years and 10 years later and so we're were in this walking beside them for the long haul," says family friend Alison Lewis.

Tiffany Scott says they've raised $25,000 to install a playground at Forestburg Baptist Church and are planning a second at New Life Bible Church on East Broadway in Gainesville.

"Truman was number 5, our fifth boy in a row, and he was everything a little brother could be," says Tiffany Scott, who also lost a son who was stillborn.

Now, they keep their memories of Truman.. "My favorite little brother was Trevor, but then when Truman came I was just.. I loved him so much," says Taylor Scott.

"When we first took him fishing for his first time. It was really fun, he caught a whole bunch of fish," says brother Tyler Scott.  

"They went on Lake Texoma and fished for the whole day and he was so excited to bring back his fish," says Tiffany Scott.

They're also trying to make a difference in his name. "I really miss him and I love him," says Tyler Scott.

Fleitman says Sunday's event raised $3,000 toward the new playground in Gainesville.