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ECU Fraternity Hosts Concert for Special Olympics


ADA, OK-- A Texoma fraternity has partnered up with a local musician for a fun night out on the town. For a purpose, however, you might not have expected. 

"A lot of us who pledged joined just for the philanthropy because of how awesome it is, and how we change these people's lives," said sophomore East Central student Tyler Raye.

Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity members at ECU have made the local special Olympics team their priority.  

"This is something we really care about and cherish," said Sig Tau member Casey Amos.  

Friday night the fraternity partnered with country singer Clint Austen for a CD release benefit concert at Ada's McSwain Theater. All proceeds from ticket and CD sales will go toward their cause.  

"We're trying to pack this place out," said Austen. "The more people the better. It's not about me right now, it's about special Olympics, so I'm ready to get this show on." 

McSwain's general manager Jae L. Stilwell said she is impressed with the young men's generosity and determination.

"I think these are good-hearted young people, I really do," said Stilwell. "Because they want to help other young people out." 

Members of Sig Tau say they hope events like this help remove the stereotypes that are so often associated with Greek life. They say ECU has been the perfect place to give back to the community.

Raye said: "We all work our butts off trying to raise money for these organizations. Make a Wish, Zetas do breast cancer, the Pikes are doing the wounded warrior project." 

Amos said: "We're not about just going and partying and having fun. We're about making steps to better ourselves, bettering our futures, and doing things for kids that are going to help them." 

Friday night's event began at 8 PM. Those interested can also find Clint Austen's CD on iTunes.