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Sister Act: McGill twins lead Turner to state tournament

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BURNEYVILLE, OK -- The Turner Lady Falcons are heading back to the state tournament for the third consecutive year meaning three straight trips for the McGill twins Andi and Perri.

"Experience is a big deal and not only experience throughout your year, but also the experience of the state tournament. So, I think they bring that to the table and they've been great leaders for us all year," head coach Jerry Garrett said.

Andi and Perri have been a part of a Turner basketball Renaissance.

When they were sophomores the program had never reached the State's elite eight. Since, they've made a trip to the quarterfinals (2012) and then last years semis (2013).

"Our team has done a really good job of following our lead and becoming leaders themselves, so," senior forward Perri said.

The two are the only seniors on the 2014 squad and have helped the Lady Falcons to a 24-3 record.

It helps playing alongside someone you've seen every day of your life.

"It's awesome. You know, you get to share all the same experiences together and you get to be with each other all the time so it's cool to have both your sisters on the team," Perri added

"She lifts me up. I get a little gripey at her sometimes and kind of take out my frustrations on her and she does a great job of just holding me up," senior point guard Andi said.

There are 11 players on the Turner roster. Five of those are sisters as there's a third McGill and the Parker sisters making this cast of Falcons almost a family.

"Lot of sisters on the team and it's kind of funny because you see the sister bonds, you know how they kind of get after each other in practice and so it's been an interesting year with all the sisters on the team," Garrett said.

The McGills have been responsible for a couple banners hanging down there in Burneyville. But the best legacy to leave would be a gold ball.

"To be able to share that with your family whether they're in the stands or they're on the court, it is a great feeling and just being on the court would just be that more special," Andi concluded.

They'll tip at 7 p.m. from the "Big House" against Seiling.