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Ex-McCurtain Co. Local Entertainer Convicted On Sex Charges


IDABEL, OK -- A Broken Bow man is convicted of about 40 charges tonight in connection to his relationship with more than a dozen teenage boys.

Prosecutors say 14 of the boys took the stand over about seven days they presented their case, while one alleged female victim dropped her complaint.

Tonight, after listening to all that testimony, a jury of six men and six women went back for about four hours, and arrived at their verdicts.

Around 5:15 p.m. on Friday, we got word of a verdict, but the man on trial didn't show up until 6 p.m.

Brad Porton, 32, who'd been out on bond wearing an ankle monitor, took what may be his final walk as a free man as he went into the McCurtain County Courthouse.

Upstairs, Judge Jana Wallace asked him to stand as the clerk read the 42 charges against him, almost all of which ended with a guilty verdict.

The total sentence recommended by the jury adds up to more than 600 years, along with some $60,000 in fines, courthouse officials said.

"He has been convicted for trying to help some young men who had no one to help them. My son has been a mentor to people in this county for 15 years," says mom Brenda Porton.

"They had an awful lot of counts to review and consider and we're certainly happy with the verdict. I think that we asked the jury to send a message for justice here and I think that's exactly what they did," says prosecutor Johnny Loard.

Porton turned around and mouthed "I love you" -- apparently to his mom and another person in the courtroom -- after a few of the guilty counts were read. He was later handcuffed and led away downstairs and into the McCurtain County Jail.

"One young man, huge football player from Broken Bow, I'd come home he was so big he'd try to lay in one floor in the bedroom and his legs are sticking out the doorway," says Brenda Porton, who maintains her son is innocent and the testimony is motivated by a civil lawsuit for money damages. "But his parents had a rule if he wasn't home by a certain time, he couldn't come home so where'd he go, he came to our house."

"He certainly felt he was above the law and it took the courage of these victims coming forward and telling their story to finally put a stop to it," says Loard. "Some of these kids are still struggling with this and we're hoping as we said in our closing argument that maybe the healing can begin now."

"These young people yes were in my home but I raised teenage boys, my home was a haven to teenage boys," says Brenda Porton.

Charges that Brad Porton was convicted of included two counts of sodomy, one count of sexual battery, one count of second degree rape, and multiple counts of lewd acts, furnishing alcohol to a minor, and indecent exhibition of obscene material.

Whether the counts will run concurrently or consecutively will be up to the judge. Sentencing is set for April 7. 

Brad Porton is also facing a separate case after allegedly stealing pills from the Broken Bow pharmacy where he worked as an assistant.