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Broken Bow Man On Trial For Sex Crimes Involving Teenagers


IDABEL, OK -- The trial continues for a McCurtain County man charged with abusing and partying with teenage boys.

One alleged victim told police he went over to visit the suspect dozens of times during a two-year period. Now, some of the teens have been telling jurors about what they say happened inside the house.

Some neighbors in Broken Bow say they've already made up their mind about Brad Porton, 32. "He needs to be glad it wasn't my son," says neighbor "Kathy."

"Scary to know that someone like that is out roaming the streets," says local resident "Tina."

Now, two years after his arrest, a jury is hearing evidence in the case of the former local entertainer now facing dozens of charges including sodomy, lewd acts to a child, and furnishing alcoholic beverages.

"I think they've taken entirely too long to get the trial started," says neighbor Troy Settles.

"The majority of the alleged victims in this case are part of a civil suit and we anticipate even the few that aren't, that they will eventually join that lawsuit," says Porton's attorney Allen Malone.

"Any time you have alleged victims who have something to gain financially from the outcome of a criminal case, it creates some doubt as to their credibility," says Malone.

The prosecution has been presenting numerous witnesses over seven days and the defense expects to start its case on Thursday.

"That's been the state's strategy I think is to put on as much as possible and hope some of it sticks," says Malone. "It's difficult any time you have a lot of evidence convincing the jury that evidence doesn't necessarily equal proof."

"If he's guilty, it's disturbing, you know," says neighbor Dian Proctor.

Court documents show Porton is alleged to have performed sex acts with and watched porn with 13-year-old boys in the Susnet Avenue home where neighbors say he lived with his mother after moving back home to McCurtain County from the University of Oklahoma.

"Any parent would be concerned, I mean, you don't want that to happen to your child, if that's what happened," says "Kathy."

Victims also told police about sex toys, lubricants, liquor, and a syringe Porton allegedly injected into a boy's shoulder, documents show.

Porton is accused of telling one witness that they were a "brotherhood" and "brothers keep secrets."

"I just hope they can resolve this case soon and lock him up so nobody needs to worry anymore," says "Tina."

"Justice for the kids, for the boys," says Settles.

Malone says Porton has been living in Norman while awaiting this trial. Testimony is scheduled to continue on Thursday at 9 a.m.